GGMR Social Value Policy

We are committed to partnering with diverse suppliers that meet the expectations of GGMR, Buyers and industry, ensuring transparency and approaches are aligned.

To identify third parties for subcontracting opportunities, we will:

We undertake a strict evaluation and onboarding process to ensure services and products provided remain ethical, relevant, and high quality. GGMR’s supplier selection process uses a scoring matrix which includes:

We add additional scoring for Suppliers who:

Prior to onboarding new suppliers, GGMR’s Sustainability, Safety and Wellbeing, and Social Value policies are communicated, delivery governed by our senior leadership team. We hold initial induction sessions to review our working policies and practices. Additionally, we will hold quarterly supplier management meetings, ensuring approaches are aligned and continuously improved.

We will work with the Buyer to ensure a diverse supply chain by working in a collaborative way, making subcontracting opportunities accessible to a diverse range of businesses. For example, we will:

The social value we will deliver for the public sector will drive greater resilience, capacity, innovation, and collaboration in the supply chain, particularly around issues of data literacy and cyber vulnerability. We will do this via support for upskilling of GGMR staff:

Our Learning and Development Policy provisions advice to SME and VCSE suppliers. Training will be delivered by our Managing Director (MD) prior to onboarding, and reviewed directly on a quarterly basis directly with the suppliers to improve:

Our commitments meet the Model Award Criteria 3.1 by ensuring that GGMR actively engage with those who are underrepresented in the public sector supply chain & offer opportunities for increased resilience, capacity, and innovation. We will ensure the accessibility of any subcontracting opportunities that arise via the framework by:

We will monitor, measure and report on our supply chain to ensure accountability to these commitments.

Our reporting and metrics, owned by the MD, will cover 4 categories: start-ups, SMEs, VCSEs, mutuals. For each, we will provide the number and value of opportunities awarded; and % of the overall contract spend. We will also report on all supply chain activity, obtained via monthly management meetings, which will include scoring on supplier’s policies across:

We will also evaluate what communication tools and industry 4.0 technology they are using.

We will maintain a timed action plan, based on any buyer minimum requirements for subcontracting to SMEs, VCSEs and mutuals. This bespoke plan will be provided to the Buyer on Contract Award and owned and reviewed quarterly by the MD.

As a minimum, GGMR’s action plan will always include our own targets to, by 2023:

Our continuous improvement process is driven by our MD who is responsible for improving and communicating GGMR policies on a quarterly basis, ensuring subcontractors are aligned to:

We are committed to work with buyers and ensure transparency by producing diversity reports which includes our quarterly reviews of: