Bespoke, dynamic & personalised platform

Vodafone needed to increase call demand for small business devices and contracts (<9) and to also create an environment for visitors to initially land. 

This programme, over 10 years, evolved enormously as media opportunities and technologies developed. The dynamic & fully personalised environment contributes 100% of all calls placed to the call centre.

Unlimited number of landing pages

GGMR focused on all parts of the journey, enabling scale and full ROI campaign optimisation. A full suite of digital assets was created and delivered by GGMR, spanning landing pages and, historically, banners, apps and social strategies. The dynamic Landing Page Environment consisted of CMS, data capture & rapid campaign uploads & reporting.

This tool became the landing environment for Vodafones entire B2B marketing campaigns (which we also planned) including Google, which had a layer of AI introduced via a third party API.