Big Data & AI

“Large, dynamic data sets demand effective processing for enhanced insights, decisions and automation”

Even for some of the largest enterprises & public sector departments, dated legacy systems, vendor lock-ins, data silos, resource and infrastructure are often not fit for effective or essential processing.

Often with big data at the centre, our undifficulting blueprints have resulted in the efficient, highly scalable & maintainable implementation of software systems throughout big enterprise.

GGMR have worked with extensive and rapidly changing data sets, in various formats & sizes, requiring cost-efficient and innovative methods of data handling. The upshot being to facilitate improved insights, decision-making and automation of processes.

Applying our undifficulting ethos we smooth-out system structure & connectivity, apply real-time data streaming & critical derivation plus use AI and fusion to join up complex datasets and systems. All built upon reusable components.

Our Technologies

There are many technologies and tools available for handling and processing big data. The choice of technology depends on the specific requirements of a big data project, including data volume, velocity, variety and the desired analytics and processing outcomes. We are proficient in most.