Multi £m financial processing tool

Allstar are the largest independent global provider of specialised payment products and services including fleet cards, food cards, corporate lodging discount cards and other specialised payment services for businesses throughout the world.

Fleetcor, the group company, have a market cap of $20bn and serve over 500,000 commercial accounts with millions of cardholders across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Dynamic, fully qualified applications

The objective was the complete delivery of end-to-end credit application forms that allowed visitors to the site to start or resume a fuel card application.

In order to keep the application procedures intact, it was required to develop mechanisms to expose a complex multi-stage application process for credit or fuel card users which could integrate into Salesforce. This was achieved by building the front-end in pure React, which is a JavaScript library utilised for building user interfaces, and developing the back-end code-stack so that it was capable of accepting Salesforce architecture.