UX data & taxonomy

Content data within the Experian estate required a cohesive, robust & scalable restructuring and re-authoring programme.

Experian had over 400 products all calling out for attention on a relatively dysfunctional web asset at that time.

The optimum ambition was for the business website, including all business-wide content, to become highly discoverability, extremely customer engaging and to ultimately result in lead generation to promote productivity along with growth.

300% lead upturn​

Commencing with a data & taxonomy analysis, it took just 8 weeks for our team to understand Experians customers, their siloed business units and all of their products.

This culminated in the creation of 36 strategic pages that once implemented, immediately garnered conversions from visitors into leads with a 300% increase..

The complete content regeneration programme ran in parallel with a site refresh including brand new navigation and an overhaul of their error-laden analytics and tag management system.