Fintech Transformation

In order to include scalability, and to meet their growing customer demands, Fleetcor, the worlds largest fuelcard company, contracted GGMR to rebuild legacy functionality in a more modern and robust way. This new transactional processing system would support both on-premises deployment in their data centre and cloud deployment to AWS cloud.

As part of this sizeable continuous development programme, key objectives needed to be met:

  • Reduction of manual testing, resulting in time and cost savings
  • Enhancement of scalability to meet increasing transaction volumes
  • Improvement of flexibility through on-premises and cloud deployment options
  • The Streamlining of operations and increases efficiency
  • Future-proofing Fleetcor technology infrastructure to support the company’s growth in the fintech sector


The project involved designing a horizontally scalable system capable of seamlessly integrating with multiple legacy backend systems.

Legacy system to new architecture

As the legacy systems were solely batch based, meaning they were not suitable for real-time processing of individual transactions and could not scale beyond single servers, GGMR developed a new and advanced system architecture.

By re-building transaction pricing capability, provided by legacy monolithic Microsoft SQL Server based systems, in a more modern and robust way, using a microservice orientated architecture, GGMR were able to build a system with the ability to handle much higher volumes of transactions in real-time.

This was a multi-dimensional technological project that required GGMR to take into account the complex architecture of up-stream and down-stream systems and processes – some of which was proprietary and the foundation of which was a best-in-class transactional processing system. It required specific characteristics and idioms unique to the Fleetcor business to be correlated and

integrated into the new system architecture.

This was an incredibly large & complex project. Contact us for more details.