Integrating 4 data channels

Review the current ‘saved basket email’ strategy to increase sales whilst optimising customer re-engagement. Working closely with Sky, GGMR had a clear understanding of the requirements, considering 4 channels of business and the way in which consumers engage via these channels (online, call centres, retail and reps).

The overall objective was to enable visitors, across all channels, to save their basket and for the system to send reminders. 

The challenge was harnessing and integrating 4 data points, all with differing formats and ingestion points. 


Complete end to end programme

GGMR analysed the existing campaigns from financial, creative and technical perspectives resulting in a full strategic plan, introducing conversations, dynamic journeys, research, responsive emails and micro-sites, data capture, social media, testing and reporting.

Delivery was end-to-end, with GGMR designing & building the whole programme plus integrating with Sky’s third party email partner.