Transformation from legacy to market leading

As the largest broadband cable supplier in Germany, Vodafone had a vast collection of regulated supplier infrastructure invoices, which detailed every broadband line that Vodafone resells.

These were supplied in legacy formats and stored in inaccessible remote databases and third-party licensed SaaS products; the data was very difficult to access, due to black box technology, and almost impossible to meaningfully interrogate at scale. To validate these invoices, Vodafone customer data had to be replicated and interrogated.

There were, consequently, unsatisfactory levels of data scrutiny and payment throughput within the regulatory framework which significantly impacted business operations and performance.

The business therefore required a Data Verification Delivery System that could enable the reliable discovery and analysis of invoices and line items at scale to remedy this.

Big data & IT scaled product

Our solution involved the design, configuration, and deployment of a highly flexible and detailed data analysis tool which could replicate proprietary business and regulatory process whilst leveraging deeper cloud based cognitive services and scale on public cloud.

Given the need to validate the new approach against differently supplied data sets and predefined use cases, a pliable approach was necessary with structured and phased releases.

We achieved this through data driven requirement validation and iterative solution design, underpinned by the ELK and Zeppelin toolchain. The search capability was designed with the following features:

  • Unified search across multiple databases and other sources
  • Voice and image data search
  • Data linking
  • Maintenance and support
  • Log analytics