Critical internal system

Vodafone needed to combine three portals for Direct Sales, Partner Sales and Sales Comms into one home.

The new site needed to support the sales and marketing teams to get quick, easy access to up-to-date information, marketing campaigns and related materials.

This was achieved by analysing the hierarchy of information and available multimedia content.

GGMR developed a clear site taxonomy through a series of site maps, key user journeys and delivery of high-fidelity prototypes for desktop and mobile.

1,000's of staff users

A modular, flexible template system (Catapult) supports the display of any conceivable information. A system so popular with the editors, it is now being deployed across multiple online assets, used by thousands of admin staff.

  • Developed a complex permissions system with multiple tiers of data handling
  • Centralised all sales related communications into a message centre
  • Introduced alerts and notifications
  • Extended Sales Hub to support a higher level of brand partners
  • Designed agreement and contract document handling with version control
  • Ensured internal business team management
  • Created content filtering per business and user type