Easy unbundling of subscription streaming & pay-tv

Vodafone’s strategy is consideration & convergence through TV & Entertainment.

Customer trend is ‘cutting the cord’ and ditching pay-tv service for a more flexible, alternative built around subscription services and streaming devices.

Central to this strategy, VF needed a digital tool to help customers unbundle their pay-tv packages, showing them which apps they need, and how much they could save by severing packages & buying apps directly, such as Now Ents, Prime & Netflix.

Complete end to end product with big data & systems integration

Having been tasked with designing, developing and integrating this market leading product, What To Watch, GGMR undertook the total UX design, created the complete network architecture, setup the data base & underpinned the integration with thorough analytical modelling. 

GGMR engaged the TV provider & governed the complex data importing in order to deliver a first-to-market unbundling tool and a brand new way of buying TV and entertainment.